About Us

green inspiration beautyMahin Shafai is more than merely the Founder and Lead Aesthetician at Inspiration Beauty Clinic and Inspiration Day Spa.  She remains the inspiration behind a premier spa dedicated to offering truly superior skincare treatments.  Noting that her two foremost specialties are acne treatments and anti-aging techniques, she notes with pride, “My clients span 3 generations and range in age from 19 to 90!”

A Persian beauty, Mahin says her own inspiration dates back to girlhood: “It was my personal need that started it all. I myself had acne and needed to find a solution.” On a family trip to Paris, Mahin took an extensive course in skincare, and brought many fabled French techniques back to her home country. “Fortunately, I had six sisters to practice on, so that’s where it all began!”  Even today, Mahin continues to travel across the globe to keep current about new techniques from Paris, Italy, Greece, and other top European spa cities.  She’s honed her experience from an international perspective: “I’ve come to discover every country has something valuable to offer in skincare.”

Mahin’s career in the field has spanned nearly four decades.  When she first married her husband, Dr. Shafai, a dermatologist, they opted to pool their talents and become business as well as life partners.  “We realized there could be a nice collaboration between his work and my work,” she says.  The pair started out with just a 400-square foot office; as their reputation grew, their facilities expanded five-fold ultimately including a team of over 12 Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons as they became recognized as preeminent in their field.

Inspiration Day Spa in Menlo Park, Mahin’s most recent enterprise, was founded in 2000 and has been in the same shopping center for almost two decades.  During that time, she has a well-earned reputation as a leading practitioner of the finest skincare available.  “All the experience I’ve gained, and all the techniques I’ve learned, are geared to a single goal…to bring clients the most modern, effective clinical treatment, and to help each individual uncover a new level of beauty, healing and confidence.”  Her loyal following touts that their skin’s drastic transformation is due to “Mahin’s magic touch” and that “Mahin always keeps up with the most current trends, has the latest techniques, products and tools.”